The User client has completed an upgrade with a speed increase of 30%

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4 min readApr 21, 2023

MEMO team released the User client officially last year. The MEMO technical team continued to optimize the User client based on user feedback and technology upgrades, simplifying many installation steps and registration processes during this period.

After several months of testing, the MEMO technical team carried out a major version iteration recently, and configured a more efficient node-matching strategy in the latest version 2.7.0, which will greatly shorten the node-matching time and data access. The test speed has increased by more than 30% compared with the previous one. The 2.7.0 stable version has been launched on the official website. Welcome to download and experience.

The following is the English version 2.7.0 client download and installation process: (The specific operation process is also described on the MEMO official website in detail. Click to learn)

  1. Visit and click Start for free, then select In Windows OS to jump to the GitHub page and select the corresponding system version to download the installation package. For example, please download the following installation package if you are a Windows system user:

2. Unzip the, enter the “mefs-user-install” folder, and double-click the register.exe to register. Click Next, Agree, and Install in turn.

3. Enter the password according to the prompt and make a second confirmation.

4. After installing the registration program, you can see the account.txt file in the memouser folder.

Open the file to see the wallet address and user password after a successful registration.

5. MEMO will give free trial qualifications for newly registered users. Please contact us after checking the personal wallet address and finishing the following tasks.

1) Tweet I have joined the MEMO and @Memo_Labs

2) Send an application recharge email to after tweets.

Please write down your wallet address and the role you registered in the mail.

Note: The wallet address is the wallet address in the account.txt file after successful registration in the above process.

Wallet balance query:

6. After the wallet recharge is done, double-click “install.exe” to install the user node.

Note: the installation directory must be the same as the registration directory.

7. The contents of the installed folder are as follows after the user installation is completed. There will be two shortcuts “user_start” and “user_stop” on the desktop.

Double-click “user_start” to start the node service and wait for the node to finish synchronizing.

Note: It takes 10–20 minutes to start the node for the first time.

The node will be synchronized when it shows like follows.

8. Open in the browser, and open the “account.txt” file in the “memouser” folder to view the user login information.

Note: The username is your wallet address.

Users can store data on MEMO after the login is completed. The release of this update is a manifestation of the continuous improvement and iteration of the MEMO technical team. It is also a positive response to user feedback. Thank you for your support of MEMO, we will continue to provide users with better storage services.



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