The new version of the Web3 decentralized storage layer MEMO, Megrez 2.5, will be available soon!

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3 min readAug 19, 2022

MEMO is a decentralized data storage layer serving Web 3.0. The second version, Megrez, was officially launched in April this year and a beta version was made available to the public.

Megrez has optimized the consensus and challenge mechanisms between Keeper roles, and has also developed a command line-free Windows installation package for novice users, making it easy for many users who lack computer skills to install and experience it.

Megrez has been widely praised for its upgrades in security and availability. Over the past few months, the Memolabs development team has continued to make multiple upgrades to the Megrez version. Building on Megrez, the team will soon release the latest version of Megrez 2.5.

In what areas has Megrez 2.5 been optimized?

The main optimizations in Megrez 2.5 are the upgrading and optimization of the smart contracts and the economic model. In terms of smart contracts, the management of contracts and the scalability of contracts have been enhanced. In the economic model, the revenue parameters of the Provider role have been optimized.

1. Management optimization of contracts

The group control content has been enhanced with the addition of a group management attribute field. A lock mechanism has also been added to set the reward money to be used only to pay for file storage services. These optimizations make the contract more fine-grained and tighten up the operational logic, improving security while preventing mischief.

2. Contract upgrade optimization

The core functional contracts are decoupled by adding control contracts and instance contracts to facilitate functional contract change upgrades. The contract upgrades allow for increased ease of use and composability of MEMO storage, which is another step forward in the availability exploration.

3. Economic model optimization

By increasing the revenue ratio parameter for the Provider role, this optimization will allow Providers to provide the same storage space and the same length of storage services with higher financial returns, which will attract more Providers with professional servers or idle equipment to join the MEMO ecosystem.

Why does Web 3.0 need a decentralized storage layer?

Today, the world is moving towards globalization, virtualization and interaction, and decentralization is the technology, form of organization and checks and balances of power that can integrate with everything and is a major thrust for the world to continue to move forward. web 2.0 will not come to an end, but web 3.0 will eventually soar to reach the majority of users worldwide.

The essence of Web 3.0 is the transformation of user data in terms of collection, storage and governance. Storage is at the bottom of the hierarchy, but it is the most accessible to the average user. Decentralized storage is the most direct way for users to achieve data sovereignty, as most ordinary users are not yet able to participate in the collection and governance of data, but can directly participate in storage. With decentralized storage, users are on the first leg of Web 3.0 and can establish a decentralized identity, participate in decentralized social networking and so on. Therefore, decentralized storage is the foundation of Web 3.0, and what MEMO decentralized storage does is make the foundation stronger.

How can I get involved with Megrez 2.5?

Go to the website (, find the guide in the wiki and follow the instructions step by step. We will update this guide as soon as the new version goes live. If you have any questions, please go to Telegram ( ) and Discord ( The Discord group is dedicated to technical questions.

We will also be offering a wide range of prizes to encourage users to participate and give positive feedback.

Version Review

June 2021, launch of the first version of Phecda

October 2021, launch of the second version of Megrez Alpla Vision beta

Launch of the second edition of Megrez in April 2022

Now, Megrez 2.5 will be available soon, please watch out for the official launch announcement.

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