Summary of the latest MEMO project news

MEMO Project News

MEMO is a new generation of decentralized cloud storage protocol based on blockchain and an infrastructure to serve Web 3.0.

Multi-chain oriented, EVM compatible, supporting multiple application interfaces while linking massive global storage resources, MEMO aims to build a highly available storage network with security and flexible scalability.


Megrez 2.5 goes live on 8.26


1. Collaboration with Metablox

Memolabs and Metablox Network share a common mission to build a powerful decentralized network infrastructure for web 3. Metablox Network aims to build a user-centric network by mining and earning rewards. The collaboration has many possibilities, as Metablox Network and its users can use the Memo storage system to store their data, while they can also register as provider nodes to provide storage space to the network.

2. Collaboration with the Pride Group

Pride Group is a comprehensive multinational group headquartered in Dubai with global operations in various fields such as finance, medicine and crypto markets, while MEMO, as a pioneer in the field of decentralized storage, will work together to dig deeper in the field of decentralized storage, with security and efficiency as the main objectives, to create a large-scale Web3 storage layer covering the whole world.

Pride Group will use its influence in the crypto market to help MEMO open up user channels, while its huge international decentralized network will provide MEMO with huge storage nodes to help MEMO build a decentralized storage network covering the whole world. As a deep partner, MEMO will provide secure and efficient data storage services for Pride Group’s huge business systems and blockchain technology services for UDCX, Pride Group’s crypto business.

3. Attending BEYOND Expo 2022

The second BEYOND International Technology and Innovation Expo (BEYOND Expo 2022) will be held in the BEYOND metaverse from 21–27 September. As the world’s top technology exchange platform, BEYOND Expo brings together the world’s most influential, innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, scientists, as well as government representatives and renowned media from all over the world, BEYOND Expo aims to go beyond the existing traditional technology exhibitions, advocating technology for good and exploring the value of technology and business future in a more forward-looking way.

MEMO has confirmed its participation in BEYOND Expo 2022, which will illustrate the new technology of consumption in the spirit of Web 3.0 with a new generation of decentralized cloud storage. MEMO adopts a sharing economy model to organize a large number of edge storage nodes around the world to provide cloud storage services for users, and this reuse of infrastructure can effectively improve resource utilization and help achieve carbon neutrality goals.


1. Several AMA and Twitter space events were held in the TG community and Twitter respectively.

2. A Twitter space event with public chain Fantom on “Tiered storage, the future of decentralized storage”.

3. The official Twitter campaign “Write down the advantages of Memo in your eyes” officially ended and entered the reward release phase.

4. A new version of the campaign “User Experience Questionnaire” will be launched soon.



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MEMO is a new-gen blockchain decentralized cloud storage protocol. Our mission is to build a reliable storage infrastructure for the Web3 era.