MemoLabs Bi-Weekly Report 2023

Memo Labs
3 min readNov 6, 2023

Oct 19th- Nov2nd

We are showing you the latest jobs done by MemoLabs, wish you can see the progress we make step by step.

Product & Services Updates:

1. MEFS v2.7.4 — done

MEFS is the core product of Memolabs, it is an scalable decentralized and distributed storage system. Data is distributed and orgonized by stratigies and technologies to make them correct, secure, reliable and privacy.


The latest version of MEFS v2.7.4 is available.

2. MEMO Middleware — done

MEMO MiddleWare is a distributed storage extention platform, offered by Memolabs. Used for developers and enterprices as an handy and permenent data storage platform. MEFS and IPFS storage system are supported by now, offering pay packages for storage services, supporting price setting and quering.

Lately Progress:

Lotus sourcecode adjustment.

Backend sourcecode adjustment.

3. Memo DID — done and updating

About DID: The Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) defined in this specification are a new type of globally unique identifier. They are designed to enable individuals and organizations to generate their own identifiers using systems they trust. These new identifiers enable entities to prove control over them by authenticating using cryptographic proofs such as digital signatures.

Lately Progress: Login module updated.

Authority definition document updated.

4. Lens Drive — done and online

Lensdrive is a decentralized storage application that provides file backup, preview, and sharing services for files on your computer/phone.

Lens Drive is now online: lensdrive

5. Eth Drive — done and online

EthDrive is another storage application that is under development.

Lately Progress: Mobile adaptor for chain login updated.

Eth Drive is now online: EthDrive

6. Onchain profile — done


The personal webpage for each user, mainly stored onchain(contracts), some contents are stored offline, such as images etc.

Check the HTTP API for MEMO middleware: MiddleWare HTTP API

Check our latest release of MEFS:

Releases · memoio/go-mefs-release · GitHub

Check our latest Docs:

GitHub — memoio/memo-docs

MemoLabs Events:

Maketing & Operation Updates:

1、MEMO Halloween Special Giveaway

Hosted an exclusive Halloween Giveaway, more than 70 participants joined and gained the special of an on-chain badge.


2、🎙 Community Call Alert #MEMO Updates #DePin more than 120 participants joined

@MemoLabsOrg @ethdrive_net

📅 Nov 02, 3PM, UTC+8


3、Memo Knowledge Time which is a regular sector of presenting the knowledge of #web3 storage infrastructure


4、Memo is collaborating with NodeLab , we would build the #web3 ecosystem together to boost the crypto environment! #DePin #MEMO




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