MemoLabs Bi-weekly Report (18th — 31st August)

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3 min readAug 31, 2023


In our latest bi-weekly update, we are thrilled to showcase the significant progress made in our development efforts and the lively interactions within our community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have consistently supported us throughout this incredible journey.

Product Development:

1. MEMO Middleware — Successfully Implementation

We are excited to announce the successful implementation of the MEMO Middleware, a distributed storage extension platform developed by Memolabs. This platform caters to the needs of developers and enterprises, providing a reliable and permanent data storage solution that supports MEFS and IPFS storage systems. With customizable pay packages, price settings, and robust querying capabilities, it offers flexible storage services.

Recent Progress:

  • Implemented file encryption for ethdrive.
  • Introduced the functionality to import private keys.
  • Integrated a streamlined purchase interface.
  • Incorporated an improved interface to enhance user control.
  • Conducted rigorous testing of uploading and downloading logic.

2. MEMO DID — Successfully Completed and Ongoing Evolution

MEMO DID is a project focused on Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), which provide individuals and organizations with control over their own trusted identifiers. DIDs utilize cryptographic proofs, such as digital signatures, to establish this control.

Recent Progress:

  • Establishment of a caching mechanism for mfile-DID documents.
  • Implementation of a dedicated badger DB for storing mfile-did records.
  • Development of a robust riot search engine, enhancing keyword and filename searches.
  • Inclusion of comprehensive API documentation and go-did usage guides.
  • Resolution of various issues and bugs, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

For the HTTP API of MEMO Middleware, please refer to:

MiddleWare HTTP API

To explore our latest release of MEFS, visit:

Releases · memoio/go-mefs-release · GitHub

For the most up-to-date documentation, please visit:

GitHub — memoio/memo-docs

Community & Marketing:


  1. A Triumph of Collaborative Community — MEMO and zCloak Unite!

We are thrilled to announce the successful orchestration of a synergistic community event by MEMO and zCloak. This event witnessed an overwhelming response from our vibrant community, with active participation from over 100 dedicated members.

Event details can be explored on our official Twitter: [Twitter link].

2) Elevating Engagement with Space Listening

We are excited to share that MEMO has introduced an enthralling space-oriented newsletter, capturing the attention of an impressive audience of over 7,000 listeners. This remarkable turnout of engaged listeners marks a significant milestone in our ongoing journey of space-related initiatives.

Delve deeper into this accomplishment via Twitter link.


A realm of new possibilities has opened as MEMO and zCloak join forces through a strategic partnership. This collaboration promises exciting opportunities for growth and innovation.

Comprehensive insights await you at: [Twitter link].

We are confident that this report offers both valuable insights and a source of inspiration. Brace yourselves for more captivating updates from MemoLabs in the near future.

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