MemoLabs Bi-weekly Report (14th — 28th June)

Memo Labs
3 min readJun 28, 2023


Here is our latest bi-weekly update on development and community. Thanks to all our supporters and followers!

Product Development

1. MEMO MiddleWare — done

  • Introduction:

MEMO MiddleWare is a distributed storage extension platform, powered by MemoLabs. Developers and enterprises use it as a handy and permanent data storage platform. MEFS and IPFS storage systems are supported now, offering pay packages for storage services, supporting price setting and querying.

  • Lately Progress:

Asynchronization of communication between MiddleWare and contracts.

Some optimization and error fixing in MiddleWare.

Multi-chain support for MiddleWare has been added.

Flow contract and interface have been implemented.

2. Memo DID — done and updating

  • Introduction:

The Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) defined in this specification are a new type of globally unique identifier. They are designed to enable individuals and organizations to generate their own identifiers using systems they trust. These new identifiers would allow entities to prove control over them by authenticating using cryptographic proofs such as digital signatures.

  • Lately Progress:

Mfile-DID: GO and JS SDK has been completed.

Memo-DID: GO and JS SDK has been completed.

3. LensDrive — done and online

  • Introduction:

Lensdrive is a decentralized storage application that provides file backup, preview, and sharing services for files on your computer/phone.

  • Lately Progress:

Version 0.13 has been published.

New function — A free space of 2G is provided for users without a handle.

Lens Drive is now online: lensdrive

4. Eth Drive — done and online

  • Introduction:

EthDrive is another storage application that is under development.

  • Lately Progress:

Version 0.2 has been published.

New function — File sharing. A file can be downloaded by other users directly with a file URL.

Eth Drive is now online: EthDrive

Check the HTTP API for MEMO MiddleWare:

MiddleWare HTTP API

Check our latest release of MEFS:

Releases · memoio/go-mefs-release · GitHub

Check our latest Docs:

GitHub — memoio/memo-docs

Community & Marketing


1)Hosted an online panel called 探索#web3社交平台的兴起 with 914 listeners.


2)Hosted a community DC call to share MEMO updates with 400 listeners.



1)Participated as a contestant in the hackathon organized by the Lens Chinese community.



1) MEMO has joined as a Top Goshen Gear in web3 Infrastructure.


2) MEMO has cooperated with Meta Media and will settle in later with further blockchain media collaboration.


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MEMO is a new-gen blockchain decentralized cloud storage protocol that organizes global edge storage nodes to provide users with safe, reliable and highly available storage services.

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