MemoLabs Bi-weekly Report (10th — 24th May)

Memo Labs
3 min readMay 24, 2023

Here is our latest bi-weekly update on development and community. Thanks to all our supporters and followers!

Product Development

1) MEFS v2.7.4 — done

MEFS is the core product of MemoLabs, it is a scalable, decentralized and distributed storage system. Data is distributed and organized by strategies and technologies to make them correct, secure, reliable and private.

Progress: The latest version of MEFS v2.7.4 is available.

2) MEMO Middleware — undergoing

MEMO MiddleWare is a distributed storage extension platform, offered by Memolabs. Used for developers and enterprises as a handy and permanent data storage platform. MEFS and IPFS storage system are supported now, offering pay packages for storage services, supporting price setting and querying.

Progress: Middleware back-end is done, and Go-SDK is done for Memo DID. JS-SDK is under development.

3) MEMO DID Go-SDK — done

About DID: The Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) defined in this specification are a new type of globally unique identifier. They are designed to enable individuals and organizations to generate their own identifiers using systems they trust. These new identifiers enable entities to prove control over them by authenticating using cryptographic proofs such as digital signatures.

Progress: MEMO DID Go-SDK is a golang package to implement Memo DIDs, the design doc and Go-SDK are completed.

4) MEMO DID JS-SDK — coming soon

JS-SDK is the javascript version for MEMO DID, designed to be used by front-end or web browser apps.

Progress: Details are being discussed and planned.

5) LensDrive — done and online

LensDrive is a decentralized storage application that provides file backup, preview, and sharing services for files on your computer/phone.

Progress: LensDrive is now online: lensdrive

6) EthDrive — under development

EthDrive is another storage application that is under development.

Progress: EthDrive is under development and will come soon.

Latest Release:

Check the HTTP API for MEMO middleware: MiddleWare HTTP API

MEFS: Releases · memoio/go-mefs-release · GitHub

Docs: GitHub — memoio/memo-docs

Community & Marketing


1)Hosted an online panel called 基础设施如何加速web3生态发展 with 124 listeners.

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2)MEMO was invited as an exclusive guest at lensCN CreatorDAO.

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3)MEMO was invited as an exclusive guest at Cointime.

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1)Participated as an exclusive partnership in BeWater Web3

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2)Collaborated with KNN3 KNexus-Psyche NFT as a partner

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3)Collaborated with ChainIDE OAT distribution, our community members can join and make a raffle

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4)Cointime Exclusive Interview with MEMO, Read more:


1)MEMO has integrated Meter as a new partner in DeFi Infrastructure.

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2)MEMO has integrated 3ethos as a new partner in GameFi & SocialFi.

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About MEMO

MEMO is a new-gen blockchain decentralized cloud storage protocol that organizes global edge storage nodes to provide users with safe, reliable and highly available storage services.

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MEMO is a new-gen blockchain decentralized cloud storage protocol. Our mission is to build a reliable storage infrastructure for the Web3 era.