MemoLabs Bi-Weekly Report 09.06–09.20

Memo Labs
3 min readSep 21, 2023

We are showing you the latest jobs done by MemoLabs, wish you can see the progress we make step by step.

  1. MEFS v2.7.4 — Completed
    MEFS, the core product of Memolabs, is a scalable decentralized and distributed storage system. It utilizes strategic technologies to distribute and organize data, ensuring correctness, security, reliability, and privacy.
    Progress Update:
    The latest version, MEFS v2.7.4, is now available.
  2. MEMO Middleware — Completed
    MEMO Middleware, developed by Memolabs, is a distributed storage extension platform. Designed for developers and enterprises, it serves as a convenient and permanent data storage solution. Currently supporting MEFS and IPFS storage systems, it offers pay packages for storage services along with features such as price setting and querying.

Recent Progress:

a.Multi-user Function: We have successfully implemented the multi-user functionality, allowing multiple users to access and utilize our platform concurrently.

b.Workflow Optimization: Our team has diligently worked on optimizing the workflow within our system, streamlining processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

c.Lotus Test Complete: We are pleased to announce that we have completed the Lotus test, ensuring our technology's compatibility and seamless integration with the Lotus ecosystem.

3. Memo DID — Completed and Ongoing Updates About DID: Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) defined in this specification represent a novel form of globally unique identifiers. They empower individuals and organizations to create their own identifiers using trusted systems. DIDs enable entities to authenticate control over these identifiers through cryptographic proofs, such as digital signatures.

Recent Progress:

  1. Unit Testing for GO-DID: We have conducted comprehensive unit testing for our GO-DID implementation, ensuring its functionality and reliability.
  2. Unit Testing for JS-DID: Our team has also performed rigorous unit testing for our JS-DID implementation, verifying its robustness and accuracy.
  3. Bug Fix for Downloading Shared Files in EthDrive: We have successfully resolved a bug related to downloading shared files in the EthDrive application, enhancing its overall user experience and functionality.

4. Lens Drive — updated

Lensdrive is a decentralized storage application that provides file backup, preview, and sharing services for files on your computer/phone.

Lens Drive is now online:


5. Eth Drive — updated

EthDrive is another storage application that is under development.

Lately Progress:

Version 0.24 published: Multi-way sharing function implemented.

Eth Drive is now online: EthDrive

6. Onchain profile — complete

The personal webpage for each user, mainly stored onchain(contracts), some contents are stored offline, such as images etc.

Check the HTTP API for MEMO middleware: MiddleWare HTTP API

Check our latest release of MEFS: Releases · memoio/go-mefs-release · GitHub

Check our latest Docs: GitHub — memoio/memo-docs

MemoLabs Events:

  1. Congratulations on the successful organization of the #Token2049 Singapore event! Memolabs is delighted to have participated in this fantastic #web3 gala, connecting with numerous blockchain enthusiasts & builders, creating a vibrant community. More:
  1. 🚨 MEMO FANS EVENT held at Sep 6th 3PM(UTC+8)👉 Answer 3 Questions in 15min around #MEMO , the first who answers all Qtns correctly can get the reward. Clues will be posted via Twitter before the event starts. More than 100 member participated.
  1. Participated as a partner support for an exhilarating offline event centered around the future of Web3 and AI, bringing together leading experts and innovators on September 17th.



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