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Product Upgrade

1、 System Upgrade (MEFS) As the core of MEMO, MEFS provides a scalable decentralized and distributed storage system, serving as the operational foundation of the MEMO ecosystem. The primary focus in 2023 remains on updating and maintaining the MEFS protocol while enhancing the user experience and addressing the growing user base. The robust MEMO ecosystem offers upgrade services, leveraging strategic approaches and cutting-edge technologies to ensure data accuracy, security, reliability, and privacy.

Upgrade Highlights:

  1. Optimization of the developer system with comprehensive upgrades to development protocols in areas such as SocialFi, cross-chain bridges, DePIN expansion, and NFTs.
  2. Updates to the file configuration system to accommodate newly added features and ensure ecological compatibility. Currently, users’ personal information and data are primarily stored on-chain (within the contract), while certain content, such as pictures, is stored offline as cold data.
  3. Optimization of interaction logic, automating numerous data interaction steps in the background to reduce runtime and simplify operational logic. The node environment deployment process has also been streamlined, offering users the option of one-click deployment based on their needs.


Function Upgrade:


Middleware MemoLabs has developed MEMO Middleware, a distributed storage extension platform that offers developers and enterprises a convenient and permanent data storage solution. It currently supports MEFS and IPFS storage systems, along with customizable paid storage service packages. Additionally, it provides functions for price setting and querying.

Key upgrades include:

Implementation of multi-user functionality.

  • Optimization of the system workflow, including the generation of the Swang interface, proof verification, and logic optimization.
  • Completion of Lotus testing to ensure compatibility and seamless integration with the Lotus ecosystem.

For the HTTP API of MEMO Middleware, please refer to:


The specification introduces a decentralized identifier (DID) as a novel type of globally unique identifier. DIDs empower individuals and organizations to create their own trusted identifiers, allowing for verifiable control through cryptographic proofs like digital signatures.

Key upgrades include:

  • Integration of the user selection function.
  • Implementation of additional reference functions.
  • Addition of user verification methods such as access token and signature.

Furthermore, comprehensive unit tests were conducted on GO-DID and JS-DID to ensure their reliability, robustness, and accuracy.

Ecological Application


EthDrive is a decentralized storage application that supports multiple major networks, including ETH, Polygon, and Meter. It offers features such as data storage, cross-chain interaction, and NFT casting.

Key upgrades include:

  • Release of Version 0.23, introducing one-click minting and trading functions for NFTs.
  • Addition of login forms, enabling third-party login options to enhance user accessibility.
  • Introduction of key functions such as file unsharing, deletion, and classification management, empowering users with greater control over their data.
  • Improvements in user experience, including optimization of file transfer speed and application interaction logic.

These upgrades aim to enhance the overall usability and performance of EthDrive.

Marketing Accomplishment:

Memolabs NFT BADGE Memolabs has initiated the first phase of the NFT medal program. The program consists of three distinct types of NFT medals, each distinguished by its unique color and number of adaptations. A total of three distribution rounds are planned. Holders of Memolabs NFT medals will have the opportunity to redeem Memolabs tokens in the future.


-·Memolabs BADGE Classic x5000

-·Memolabs BADGE Rare x3000

-·Memolabs BADGE Lengendary x1500

Opensea track:

The Memolabs NFT Badge event was held on December 5, with more than 10k twitter views, more than 360 retweets, and 158 likes.

Specific details:

2、Memolabs Christmas Event

Memolabs joins hands with Metablox,, OPSwap, Soulland, HabitTrade, arkreen, KNexus and other project parties to jointly hold a three-week 2023 Christmas event and jointly give out Christmas gifts worth 1600U. A total of 14k twitter exposures, 3.3k retweets, 2.7k likes, and a total of more than 3,000 people participated in the event.


3、Worldwide Events

Memolabs has been invited to attend events including Singapore TOKEN2049, HK Web3 Festival, Shanghai Blockchain Week, Crypto Deam Night and other events in 2023.


Memolabs will conduct market cooperation with 50+ project parties in 2023, including zclock, meta media, new land, web3go, getaverse, giveaway, cwallet, WGG, branch, atem network, node labs, WIS, AVATAR DAO, Mars DAO, MetaelfLand, BRCLife, Smart Finance, RAMBOX, Dango, JVP, tokendance, technews, cointime, club3, gashen, taskson, ChatyN, Seer, etc.

A total of 23 AMAs and Discord Calls were held, with a cumulative audience of more than 30,000 listeners.



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