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3 min readApr 11, 2024

MEMO with Industry Giants to Shape the Future of Web3–2024 Hong Kong Web3 Festival Review

In the blossoming month of April, global Web3 industry leaders, technologists and innovation teams gathered at the highly anticipated 2024 Hong Kong Web3 Festival. This four-day event not only showcased the latest achievements in Web3 technology, but also provided a platform for participants to exchange ideas and explore cooperation.

As an active participant in the blockchain industry, MEMO was honoured to be invited to participate in the festival and had in-depth communication and exchanges with many well-known projects such as HashKey and Chainlink.

About Web3 Festival

2024 Hong Kong Web3 Festival is an event co-organised by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group, aiming to promote the global cooperation and development of the Web3 industry, and bringing a series of exciting speeches and roundtable discussions to participants from all over the world.

The event brought together a number of well-known projects including AWS, OKX, Chainlink, Fiecoin and others to ensure the depth and breadth of exchanges and discussions. The content covered a number of hot topics such as AI+Web3, DePIN, RWA, DeFi, NFT, etc., providing an opportunity for participants to get a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments and future trends in the Web3 industry.

At the Carnival, MEMO’s team had an in-depth dialogue with HashKey Group, which, as the organizer of the event and a leading company in the blockchain industry, impressed us with its profound accumulation of blockchain technology research, transaction services and other aspects. Both sides discussed possible future cooperation models and reached a preliminary cooperation intention on jointly promoting the development of Web3 ecosystem.

Meanwhile, MEMO also had fruitful exchanges with the team of Chainlink, which, as a decentralised network of prophecy machines, provides smart contracts with connections to real-world data. MEMO, as a decentralised storage system, has its own unique and innovative middleware protocol for data interaction. Our team had an in-depth conversation with Chainlink’s technical representatives and discussed how to integrate Chainlink’s data services into MEMO’s project to enhance the reliability and practicality of our services.

About MEMO

MEMO is committed to building a decentralised, efficient and secure data processing and storage platform. Our vision is to provide users with a new solution for data management and value exchange through blockchain technology. At the Carnival, we showed attendees MEMO’s core product, a blockchain-based data storage and authentication system, which ensures data integrity, security and traceability while incentivising data creators and users.

Recently, MEMO has made significant updates to its DA layer, which include optimised data storage protocols, enhanced security measures, and the introduction of more efficient data processing algorithms. With these improvements, MEMO’s platform is now better able to meet users’ needs for data management and value exchange, while maintaining our commitment to decentralisation, efficiency and security. Introducing MemoDA: -da-solution-cfe6ea847ff9

Looking ahead to Web3

Through exchanges and cooperation with the industry, we believe that with the continuous maturity of the technology and the gradual improvement of the regulatory environment, Web3 will be able to better serve its users and achieve true decentralisation and user sovereignty.MEMO will continue to be committed to promoting this process and contributing to the development of the Web3 ecosystem through the joint efforts of our partners in the industry.

In the future, MEMO looks forward to working with more industry partners to explore the infinite possibilities of Web3!

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