MEMO milestone — Megrez 2.5 goes live today!

August saw a historic moment for MEMO — the new version Megrez 2.5 goes live today!

After helping Metis become the lowest-cost L2 project in April, MEMO has continued to optimize the Megrez version of the decentralized storage network, and today, four months later, we are launching Megrez 2.5. Will it be able to keep MEMO at the forefront of the decentralized storage area? Let’s find out for ourselves!

As one of the few decentralized storage networks capable of supporting large-scale and high-frequency commercial applications today, keeping focusing on optimizing the underlying architecture is definitely MEMO’s core competency. This is why so many projects have chosen MEMO as their decentralized storage layer. So, as we go live, our first thanks go to our partners who have always supported and trusted us: Metis, Harmony, Fantom Foundation, Bifrost Cloud, Metablox Network and Prideholdings Group, to name but a few. And the many loyal MEMO users. You are the core of what drives MEMO forward!

And most important, what has been upgraded in Megrez 2.5 this time? There are three main areas:

1. Contract management optimization

-Enhanced group control content, added group management attribute fields

-Added a lock mechanism

-Set bonus money to be used only to pay for file storage services

2. Contract scalability optimization

-Decoupling of core functional contracts to facilitate the upgrade of functional contracts

-Ease of use and combinability of storage enhanced

3. Economic model optimization

-Improve the Providers role revenue ratio parameter

Good news for all the Provider nodes: this optimization will allow Providers to earn more money for the same storage space and the same length of storage service. After the launch of the new version, there will be a GIVEAWAY event for new and existing users, both as Users and Providers, to take part and win prizes! See you there!

How can I participate in Megrez 2.5?

Log on to the website (, find the corresponding guide in the Wiki and follow the instructions step by step. If you have any questions, you can go to the Telegram ( and Discord ( communities, where there will be people available to answer your questions, with the Discord channel being dedicated to technical questions.

Version review

In June 2021, the first version Phecda launched

October 2021, the second version of Megrez beta, Alpla Vision launched

April 2022, the second version Megrez launched

August 2022, Megrez 2.5 goes live

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