The team behind popular decentralized storage providers Memo Labs are launching a new service focused on the ever-expanding world of metaverses. In step with the world of NFTs, METASTORAGE incorporates the unique dual structure model made by Memo Labs for added layers of high security and lightning querying speeds.

This marks the next step for Memo Labs as it specifically targets the emerging world of NFTs and metaverses most recently popularized by hit games like Axie Infinity, Aavegotchi, and the upcoming Star Atlas launch. As the metaverses expand digitally, more and more unique points of data require unique storage capacities on the blockchain. This includes everything from user data, to in-game data and of course, the metadata.

The word “META” in METASTORAGE has two meanings, namely metaverse and metadata. METASTORAGE is also a dual-core system combining both IPFS with MEFS (Memoriae File System) to provide a strong stability, ease of use, high scalability storage layer for metaverses and NFTs. With unique and patented data recover technology RAFI and erasure coding redundancy technology, MEFS ensures that all data is not only secure but that it also won’t ever be lost!

METASTORAGE is a solid storage layer developed by Memo Labs for the Metaverses and NFTs. It employs a unique dual-structure storage model with both IPFS and MEFS, combined with a sleek UI and open compossibility. This makes METASTORAGE compatible with virtually any storage system both on and off-chain.

According to the developer community of Memo Labs: “METASTORAGE is the next key R&D project of Memo Labs as our underlying technical infrastructure is perfectly adapted for the world of metaverses we see today. Our team has laid the foundation for this work over many years, and it is consummately designed to store large amounts of data, fast, and securely on the blockchain.”

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About Memo Labs

Memo Labs is committed to using blockchain technology to build infrastructure for Web3. Memo Labs has a devoted R&D team of well-known experts, engineers, and PhDs in the storage field around the world with multiple exclusive patents. Currently distributed all over the world, all team members have years of Internet and development experience in the blockchain industry. They have developed MEMO, short for Memoriae, an autonomous decentralized cloud storage system based on Blockchain-Enable Storage Technology (B.E.S.T). MEMO provides a completely new storage network that can meet the demand for more security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. METASTORAGE is a storage project specifically designed for metaverses and NFTs based on MEMO ecosystem.

MEMO, decentralized cloud storage for the future.