MEMO decentralized cloud storage project news

MEMO is a new generation of decentralized cloud storage protocol based on blockchain and an infrastructure to serve Web 3.0.

Multi-chain oriented, EVM compatible, supporting multiple application interfaces while linking massive global storage resources, MEMO aims to build a highly available large value storage network with security and flexible scalability.

The following are the latest project news.

Technical progress:

1.Version release: Megrez Version is officially launched, and the operation guide was released simultaneously

2.Version release: The Windows client installer for the User role has been launched after internal testing.

3.Core protocol layer: smt related code and testing completed

4.Core protocol layer: Megrez Version contract design and support upgrade

5.Network layer: Optimize the network connection

6.Application: The gateway function has been developed

7.Application: Web-side User Console UI Optimization

8.Application: The decentralized storage layer built for Metis officially began to provide services

Community Events

1.Hosted a Giveaway event

2.On April 15th, an online AMA event was held to answer the questions that users are currently concerned about

3.A Twitter space event was held on April 22 to discuss the latest progress of the current project

4,A technical team was setup on Discord to answer technical questions from users

5.A summary of FAQs on the problems encountered by users in the public version of Megrez Version was made.

6.Email notification of award and version upgrade was sent to Phecda Version users.

7.MEMO held a Twitter Spaces event with Metis on April 30th with the theme “The role of decentralized storage in Web3.0”


1.Roadmap update: new plan for 2023 added, the storage ecology will be more prosperous.

2.Experience optimization: the role startup process in the public version of Megrez Version has been optimized to make it simpler and easier to understand.

3.Media reports: The Associated Press, Yahoo Finance and other media reported on the launch of Megrez Version.



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