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MEMO’s test network is currently underway, so feel free to join.

Since September 2017 when Memolabs was established, there have been continuous efforts to create a decentralized cloud storage system of high security and availability. After three years of concentrated research and development under various rigorous demonstrations and tests, the MEMO team is about to bring the first phase of online testing.

The R&D team at MEMO is composed of well-known engineers and experts, most of them with PhDs in the field of storage, but they also possess multiple exclusive patents. The team members are currently distributed worldwide, and they have many years of internet and development experience in the blockchain industry.

Why was MEMO developed?

In response to the increasing storage demand caused by the explosion of data worldwide, together with the exploration for permanent storage and value inheritance, Memolabs developed MEMO (short for Memoriae) to provide global users with a secure, reliable efficient large-scale decentralized cloud storage system.

In the segmented field of decentralized storage, MEMO is not the first entrant to the market. Around the mainline of decentralization, many existing projects on the market have created their own consensus mechanism, verification mechanism, and data redundancy mechanism. The world is changing every day, but the demands for safety and efficiency are not.

In 2000, Eric Brewer, a computer scientist at the University of California, Berkeley, proposed the CAP conjecture, which would later prove to be the impossible triangle of distributed computing systems. Distributed storage systems are considered to satisfy only two of these consistency criteria: availability and partition tolerance.

However, MEMO uses several unique data repair technology patents and innovative data verification mechanisms to greatly optimize the current distributed storage system and find a perfect balance between the three mechanisms.

MEMO also combines the decentralized characteristics of blockchain technology, including improved space utilization, improved data verification speed, improved data repair performance, and strives to provide a safe, reliable, and efficient storage layer for Web3.0.

Core advantages of MEMO

MEMO (short for Memoriae) is a new generation of large-scale decentralized cloud storage system based on blockchain, which can organize global edge storage nodes to provide users with safe, reliable, and efficient storage services. Its core advantages are stated as follows:

1. The system is more user-friendly and can be expanded to ZB level

MEMO has innovated a data layering mechanism, recording only the most critical information on the blockchain, such as the role information, smart contracts, etc., that can be used by management devices and edge storage devices to store other information and user data, which can shorten the data upload and download time. It saves on-chain response time, improves the cost-effectiveness of the entire storage system, so that the data storage scale can achieve ZB level.

2. Verification is faster, throughput within seconds

MEMO has designed a public verification method that can effectively reduce the communication overhead of data verification and the cost of proof verification. Excluding the data reading time, the generation of the proof can be completed within a few seconds, and the verification of proof can be completed within one second, greatly reducing the computing burden of the node, making the storage download time reach the second level.

3. Pioneering RAFI with superior repair performance

MEMO’s innovative data redundancy mechanism helps in reducing system burden and redundancy. Starting from the three aspects of repair parallelism, repair transfer volume and repair timing, MEMO’s original RAFI (Risk-Aware Failure Identification) strategy can greatly shorten the data repair time by quickly discovering the data with a higher risk of loss, making the system safe and reliable for further improvement.

The vision of MEMO

Technological breakthroughs continue to impact the ceiling of human information capacity and bring about transformation and iteration of storage organization. Two of the four great inventions — papermaking and printing — are all related to information storage, which has had a profound impact on the history of human development as the carrier of civilization. However, in the thousands of years, there are still a large number of important classics that have disappeared forever in the long river of history due to wars, fires, and other reasons.

Even as time returns to the current era of digital storage, large numbers of cases show that the centralized management and organization of data still poses hidden dangers to data security, especially in the digital age.

The decentralized and non-tamperable characteristics of the blockchain provide a viable path for the perpetuation of value. By exploring the future of data storage, MEMO has set out its mission and vision to make human information and data perpetual.

MEMO community volunteer recruitment program will be launched soon, welcome to join us and work together with the MEMO team to make human data eternal!

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MEMO is a new-gen blockchain decentralized cloud storage protocol. Our mission is to build a reliable storage infrastructure for the Web3 era.