Memo Ambassadorship Program


As the process of building a decentralized society continues to advance, MemoLabs needs to look for working partners on a global scale.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce the Memo Ambassador Program. Ambassadors will be essential for the growth of the Memo project and for promoting and creating awareness of our outstanding technology, a decentralized cloud storage built on blockchain.

Ambassadors will serve as an extended marketing arm, spreading awareness through content creation, outreaches and engaging in discussions.


The goal of the Memo Ambassador Program is to promote Memo storage protocol and Memo community as well as encourage highly-engaged, active community members.

You will get:

- Flexible working hours

- NFT Medal

- Memo Token reward

- Official Memo Ambassador certification

- Latest information and technical support

- Excellent ambassadors can get additional rewards and exposure opportunities

The benefits of being a Memo Ambassador:

By joining our program, you will get:

- To experience the fast-paced and dynamic work culture of an international team

- Great growth opportunity as your role expands in direct relation to the growth of your region’s participation/involvement/adoption

- Learn about the Memolabs and what we are building

- Receive limited edition of Memolabs merchandise

- Engage with like-minded crypto experts from all over the world

- Sponsorship of attending conferences in your country where you can present Memolabs

Who can apply?

- Community Leaders

- Blockchain Industry Influencers

- Business Owners with provable size of the community

- Freelancers

- People with hands-on knowledge about blockchain, crypto and Web3.0

- People who are proactive, highly motivated and fast learners.

- People who are not afraid to create engaging content.


The responsibility of an ambassador will include the following:

- Promote Memo in the local community, hold meetups, online spaces and maintain an active and vibrant Memo community.

- Nature and promote marketing business relationships around Memo.

- Accept the assignment from Memo to provide business development, technical and community support for potential business leads.

- Drive awareness with content creation.

- Speak to influencers and represent Memo at appropriate venues.

- Get regular training from Memo to be up-to-date with new developments at Memo.

Rights and Rewards:

- Represent Memo to do business with potential clients and users

- Organize meetups/events/webinars with the support from Memo.

- Create and publish social media posts, tutorials, articles, memes, videos on various media channels, such as Medium, Reddit, Quora.

Financial rewards:

Token rewards for accomplishments above and beyond standard Ambassador tasks:

- Rewards: Memo Token

- Ambassadors will be assigned tasks and points will be allocated for each task. Upon execution of the task and after examining the quality of execution, points will then be awarded based on the quality of execution.

- At the end of the month, based on points accumulated, the ambassador will be rewarded.

So reward will be floating and will be based on tasks assigned and executed, and the quality of execution.

Application Procedure

Click the following link to fill the sheet. Memo will contact selected candidates as soon as possible.


- Memo Ambassador will take responsibilities and enjoy the rights and rewards accordingly.

- The title of Memo Ambassador is valid for one year and will be renewed upon the agreement of both sides.

- Memo has the right to terminate the cooperation if the ambassador’s performance does not meet the requirements.

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MEMO is a new-gen blockchain decentralized cloud storage protocol. Our mission is to build a reliable storage infrastructure for the Web3 era.