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In the dynamic landscape of blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI), the exponential growth of data generation and sharing has raised significant concerns around data privacy and security. Centralized storage models, with their inherent vulnerabilities, pose risks such as data leakage and misuse. As a result, safeguarding data storage and privacy has become a critical imperative.

Leading the way in decentralized storage, MEMO has pioneered a revolutionary solution to address these challenges, providing essential support to numerous industry partners.

Introducing EthDrive, MEMO’s avant-garde Web3 storage application built upon its decentralized storage framework. EthDrive stands as a stalwart sentinel, fortifying data privacy and security through the judicious distribution of data across network nodes. This strategic move obliterates the hazards synonymous with centralized storage, empowering users to luxuriate in the cocoon of data privacy that decentralized storage technology affords, while being unburdened by the apprehensions of data leakage or exploitation often associated with centralized storage services.


EthDrive harnesses blockchain, decentralized storage, and peer-to-peer networking to establish a reliable and high-capacity storage network. Our primary aim is to provide users with a secure, efficient, and high-capacity storage platform.

Unlike conventional storage solutions, EthDrive employs decentralized storage on devices, reducing vulnerabilities linked to centralized servers. By distributing data across network nodes, EthDrive enhances security and preserves user privacy. The encryption applied during transmission, backup, and data sharing processes further strengthens data protection. Users retain sole control over their data through private keys, preventing any unauthorized third-party access.

Moreover, EthDrive utilizes advanced peer-to-peer network transmission technology, surpassing traditional storage methods in terms of transmission speed. It achieves immediate response times and second-level speed transmission, ensuring seamless and efficient data transfer.

Technical Advantages:

Enhanced Security: EthDrive leverages decentralized storage and encryption techniques to safeguard data during transmission, backup, and sharing, ensuring utmost privacy and protection.

Resilient and Decentralized Storage: By decentralizing storage on devices, EthDrive mitigates risks associated with centralized servers, providing increased resilience against data breaches.

User Control: With private keys, users have complete control over their data, eliminating the need for third-party involvement.

Application Features and Basic Functions:

User-friendly Interface: EthDrive offers an intuitive interface for easy navigation and seamless data management.

Cross-platform Compatibility: Access your data from various platforms and devices, including desktops, mobile devices, and web browsers.

Backup and Restore: Effortlessly create backups and restore previous versions of files as needed.

Secure Sharing and Collaboration: Share files securely while maintaining control over permissions and access rights.

Data Encryption: EthDrive ensures end-to-end encryption, protecting files from unauthorized access.

Reliable Storage Infrastructure: Built on blockchain technology, EthDrive provides a reliable and trustworthy storage solution.

Experience the future of secure, efficient, and high-performance Web3 storage with EthDrive. Safeguard your data, enjoy fast transmission speeds, and maintain complete control over your digital assets.

3)Technical Advantage:

MEMO storage system: the underlying foundation of EthDrive

3.1 Secure storage: decentralized storage, multi-role intervention

Based on MEMO’s global network nodes, the data is distributed and stored on different nodes to reduce the risk of data being attacked or tampered with.

A multi-role processing mechanism was established and a third-party verification role in addition to storage and resource supply was introduced. The primary function is to perform security verification on the stored data from time to time to ensure the validity of data and storage devices.

3.2 Data protection: multi-level fault tolerance to ensure the best balance of reliability, security and redundancy

ETH Drive adopts a multi-level fault tolerance strategy, combining high redundancy multi-copy fault tolerance with low redundancy erasure code fault tolerance. The choice of fault tolerance mechanism is tailored to the specific data size and application attributes. For large-scale data, erasure code fault tolerance is preferred, while multi-copy fault tolerance is more suitable for small-volume data. This flexible approach aligns with the unique characteristics and requirements of each dataset, ensuring optimal data protection and reliability.

3.3 Data recovery: invalidation confirmation + data repair

EthDrive pioneers a novel RAFI data failure strategy, optimizing risk assessment and classification. In terms of data restoration, according to parallelism, transmission volume and timing, methods such as delayed repair, parallel repair and optimization of lost data block identification process are adopted to improve repair performance.

3.4 Personal rights: sharing incentives and earning benefits

Users can define access control rules for all their data, and complete records of access and operations, so as to protect user data-sharing rights according to the smart contract.

For more detailed documentation about MEFS, please refer to:

4)Application Features:

4.1 Privacy

EthDrive adopts key technologies such as role design, fault tolerance mechanism, proof mechanism, and data repair in the MEMO system. In the data storage stage, data slicing and decentralized storage processing are performed, and each piece of data processed by the system will be distributed and stored on different nodes. During the storage period, the role system conducts security verification from time to time to ensure the absolute security and privacy of the data.

4.2 High capacity

The storage space is provided by MEMO nodes, and the nodes come from equipment resources provided by users in different regions of the world. The current EthDrive storage capacity has reached the PB level. With the continuous growth of the MEMO node network, it can support up to ZB-level storage in the future.

4.3 Low cost

EthDrive taps into idle devices, minimizing expenses and maintenance. Initial free storage allocation spans 10–20GB, expandable via campaigns, and users can get more permanent free space through campaigns. For large-capacity users, the EthDrive payment method adopts multiple payment methods for space and data. Users can adopt different methods according to their own needs to save storage costs.

4.4 Second-level transmission speed

EthDrive adopts the point-to-point network transmission method and different types of data classification management methods. Different transmission nodes are matched according to the data access frequency. The data with higher access frequency is transmitted through nodes with stronger performance, and the transmission speed can reach the second speed.

4.5 One-click download

EthDrive has a one-click download function without login. After a user shares a file with a friend, an unregistered friend can automatically download the file by simply opening the sharing link through a browser without logging in.

5)Basic function:

5.1 Multi chains: build storage layers on different chains

EthDrive currently supports multiple public chains such as ETH and Polygon. Users can freely choose different public chain identities to log in and use. A reliable, easy-to-use decentralized storage application was built based on the MEMO decentralized storage base layer. Different identities are spatially independent.

5.2 Data Storage: Backup and Migration

The data upload and download function of EthDrive is facilitated by the MEMO decentralized system MEFS, which is not limited in format and size. With the help of MEMO’s professional nodes and transmission technology, the speed of data upload and download is guaranteed, and the data storage process is consistent with the MEMO system. Space allocation and storage verification are based on the role system in the MEMO system and enjoy the security technology protection of MEMO.

New users are granted 10G free space on a single network (different network free space quotas are independent), with additional free space can be obtained through official campaigns or tests. Official activities start every week and can be participated in through MEMO official community. More free space distribution campaigns such as upload sign-in, and feedback rewards will be launched soon. Follow the official Twitter of ETH Drive to get the latest information: @ethdrive_net

5.3 File sharing: public sharing and authorized sharing

EthDrive offers two distinct file-sharing options: public sharing and authorized sharing. With public sharing, there are no restrictions on the recipients. Users can define a validity period for the shared link, allowing anyone who receives the link during this period to access the content. On the other hand, authorized sharing provides a more controlled approach. Users can specify the wallet address of the intended recipient(s), which can include multiple addresses. The generated sharing link remains exclusive to the designated recipients, ensuring only those specified can open and access the shared content.


On the one hand, the launch of EthDrive is a concrete application of decentralized storage technology, which proves the actual usability of MEMO and more blockchain technologies in the current network environment. On the other hand, it represents the possibility of the transformation from web2 to web3. We hope that more and more blockchain projects can enter the actual scene, bring more practical cases to society, improve the web2 network environment, and create a solid foundation for the development of web3.

For a more functional experience, technical features, and operating instructions, please visit the EthDrive official website:, and for questions and answers, please visit the Discord server:



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