Celebration launch & Win MEMOLABS NFT COLLECTIONšŸŽ‰

Memo Labs
2 min readDec 5, 2023

Hi, we are the Memolabs team, dedicated to providing secure, private, affordable storage services for society. In celebration of the official launch of Memolabs, we are organizing an amazing celebration on Galxe.

We cordially embark on the exclusive MEMOLABS NFT Collection Campaign šŸ‘¼

there will be totally 3 stages of the NFT Collection Campaign

  • Memolabs BADGE Classic x5000
  • Memolabs BADGE Rare x3000
  • Memolabs BADGE Lengendary x1500
  • Exclusive extra +500 points offered

Dateļ¼šDec 05th

1st stage of Memolabs NFT Collection

To enterļ¼š



Whatā€˜s MEMOLABS NFT Collection

The MEMOLABS NFT Collection is the credential that youā€˜ve engaged in the community build with Memolabs.

Memolabs is going to launch a Memo token in the coming future, so if you are the holders of MEMOLABS NFT Collection then youā€™ll be rewarded with a rich token distribution in the future

Noteļ¼šThis campaign is the mere start of our MEMO NFT Collection event, still two other left NFT collection campaign along with bundle of rewards are waiting for you. Stay tuned!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MemoLabsOrg

Website: memolabs.org



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