A quick look at the MEMO Megrez Whitelist information

We are pleased to announce that MEMO has launched the MEGREZ network officially. The first round whitelist of MEGREZ is open now.

Total number: 30 (All applications will be first come first served.)

Start time: 2022.11.12 08:00 AM UTC

Opening period: Whitelist applications will continue to open for 30 days and close early when the upper limit is reached.


Whitelist members should meet the following conditions:

1. Fill out the sheet:


2. Independent device for data storage;

3. Register the MEMO Megrez wallet address after the application is approved.

Privileges: People who join the whitelist successfully will enjoy the right of node deployment in the official environment of MEMO Megrez. Revenues will be generated when members deploy nodes for data storage. In addition, members have the opportunity to get additional rewards from MEMO.
Do not hesitate to join the whitelist of MEMO Megrez. The MEMO technical team will screen out qualified partners and announce the final member list.

Project Introduction:
MEMO is a new generation of decentralized cloud storage protocol based on blockchain, and its mission is to build a reliable infrastructure for Web3. The project has been launched since August 2017 and the R&D team consists of world-class experts in the storage field with exclusive patents.
The system design of MEMO aims at high availability and uses a number of innovative technologies to ensure data security while allowing read and repair speeds to respond in seconds. The vision of MEMO is to outlast human civilization.



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MEMO is a new-gen blockchain decentralized cloud storage protocol. Our mission is to build a reliable storage infrastructure for the Web3 era. www.memolabs.org