The hottest word right now in the world of blockchain is arguably the term “METAVERSE.” What it stands for exactly though, is still in discovery mode as dozens of new NFT led games such as Axie Infinity and Star Atlas are launching massive, multiplayer worlds — otherwise known as Metaverses.

But with great worlds comes great…amounts of data on Web3 that needs to be stored and protected the right way! This is exactly where METASTORAGE, from the makers of Memo, have created!


With a focus on the ever expanding world of NFTs, METASTORAGE is a decentralized storage protocol based on MEMO — which provides incredibly easy to use and secure storage capability protected by the blockchain. This allows creators of metaverses to store vast amounts of data, ranging from in-game data to user and transaction data, in a decentralized format, capitalizing on MEMO’s dual storage system model.

Key Features

In total, there are 4 key features of METASTORAGE.

1. Safe & Reliable

With its dual backup model, MEMO has created a unique new method for storing decentralized data. This also protects the data from hackers since there’s a dual backup, and allows the data to be stored permanently on the blockchain!

2. Quick Querying

Storage isn’t the only that matters, as without a fast and reliable query model. But METASTORAGE makes querying easy and fast as multiple copies are stored on the servers, allowing for efficient verification of each piece of data before a quick retrieval or deposit!


Most decentralized storages only rely on IPFS, but METASTORAGE is able to combine both IPFS with MEFS to provide an added layer of security. Combined with our erasure code and data repair tech, we ensure that your data is not only safe but that it also won’t ever be lost!

4. Convenient & Compatible!
Not only is METASTORAGE easy to use with its sleek and simple UI, but the storage component is compatible with virtually any type of storage interface to make sure any type of data can be stored in a decentralized manner!


METASTORAGE utilizes the infamous parallel mode of storing data in a dual system, linking both IPFS and MEFS with one click! This was originally developed by the MEMO team, who is now priming the tech for METASTORAGE to embrace the upcoming world of metaverses.

For more information on MEMO, please check out their docs.



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