On Oct 23rd, 2021 World Blockchain Technology and Application Summit was held in Yantai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shandong Province, China. Memo was invited and awarded “Global Annual Best Distributed Storage Technology Presentation Award”.

Jointly participated by the design organizations, institutions, enterprises and universities from 46 countries across the…

Centralized network operation and data storage methods cannot ensure data security and privacy. Therefore, the need for data security and privacy fuels the development of decentralization projects. In 1993, the concept of decentralization first appeared in Cyberpunk Manifesto. In 2008, the emergence of Bitcoin speeded up the pace of development…

MEMO has achieved considerable results in the past year. Thank all our partners and people who have come along this path for their support and attention.MEMO will continue to forge ahead with the concept of providing users with a safe and reliable storage system in the new year. Happy New Year and Good luck to everyone!

Recently, Memo Labs reached strategic cooperation with Metis on building a Web3 storage ecosystem. The cooperation will foster synergy between decentralized cloud storage protocol and Layer-2 protocol.

Metis, a stellar Ethereum Layer 2 protocol, showcases strong resilience to support Ethereum ecosystem scaling solutions. The protocol is powered by Rollup, a…

Memo Labs

MEMO, decentralized cloud storage for the future.

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